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  Rol-Flo Engineering Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing flat form-rolling dies or roll forming tooling for use in flat thread rolling or form rolling equipment. Rol-Flo has, for more than 25 years, engineered and manufactured flat form-rolling dies and roll forming tooling for the fastener industries, worldwide. Automotive form rolled parts, aerospace roll-formed parts, general fasteners, pop rivets, jewelry earring posts are some of the flat die forming applications.
  Rol-Flo designs tooling for many applications such as thread rolling and groove rolling, point rolling, knurl rolling, radius point forming, thread and point forming, special thread forming, annular rings, collar forming and proprietary shapes and profiles.
  Rol-Flo Engineering is a worldwide supplier of flat forming dies with customers in over 20 countries. When a valued customer or potential customer requests a quote, we respond within 48 hours with our detailed proposal. Tool design, quality control, and on-time delivery are as important to us as they are to our customers.


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  Will Form-Rolling Technology Work for My Design and Production Needs?
In today’s competitive world, more parts than ever are being form-rolled. The quality, high rates of production, and material savings make form-rolling the right choice for many of your custom and engineered products.
  Flat die form-rolling technology is an art as well as a science. Rol-Flo’s engineering staff uses proprietary calculators to qualify your production parts. Our FAQ answers the most asked questions about flat die form-rolling applications. Call or e-mail our engineering staff for detailed information.
  Take a look at our products and services to see a sampling of the various types of forming, threading, and knurling tools that we supply for customers.

  • Grooves
  • Chamfering
  • Point Radius
  • Thread & Point
  • Groove & Point
  • Rings
  • Collars
  • Knurls
  • Special Threads
  • De-Heading


Visit our on-line calculators For some common form-rolling applications.

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